The foundation of the Million Cat Challenge rested on Five Key Initiatives, refined and adapted to shelters of every size and type throughout North America, which together represented a holistic approach that addressed the “before, during and after” for any cat at risk of shelter entry. These initiatives were proven by over 3.5 million more cat lives saved by over 1500 Challenger Shelters. Now, #ThanksToMaddie, we’re thinking bigger. The Five Key Initiatives have expanded to include other species at risk in shelters and evolved into the Four Rights, with community safety net services, humane care within the shelter, and appropriate outcomes for the animals that do come in all working in concert to support one another. Join the co-founder of the Million Cat Challenge and one of the inspirations behind the Maddie’s Million Pet Challenge in imagining and creating a world in which every single shelter is able to provide every animal at risk with the Right Care in the Right Place at the Right Time to the Right Outcome. May the fours be with you.