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The Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge Learniverse is an interactive, online learning community found at the intersection of Knowing and Doing. Hosted by a team of animal welfare’s leading experts, it is a space to question, test, and implement innovations in the pursuit of continuous discovery and improvement in animal sheltering.

This virtual learning center was designed with each participant’s unique experiences and needs acting as a guide: It was created for you and will be driven by you. Based on the belief that knowledge is only half of the solution, the Learniverse exists not just to share the current practices that are making the biggest impact, like the initiatives that powered 1,500 shelters to save over 3.5 million cats, but to put those practices in place at your shelter. Subject matter experts and change coaches are here to co-design the roadmaps that will help you achieve your goals (and bring others along with you).
Loaded with the industry’s best resources, tools, and learning modules designed to level up your skillset and supported by coaches specializing in a wide range of topics, the MMPC Learniverse offers the growth and development experience that you want when you want it. From its comprehensive, cohort-style learning adventures, Bootcamps, to its shorter, self-paced “SPOT” modules focused on a single topic, we’ll meet you exactly where you ask us to.

Self-Paced, On-Demand Training

We know you’re busy! Self-paced, on-demand training modules (SPOT Mods) are designed to give you exactly what you need when you need it. Self-paced and targeted, these courses are singular in topic and delivered with a resource bundle to help you hit the ground running. While they might not be delivered in a peer-peer learning environment, you will find a community of learners on the Maddie’s® Pet Forum ready to chat and share about the same topic you’re interested in. Everything you need and not a drop more, these guys hit the “spot.”


These community-based, “all teach, all learn” interactive training experiences are facilitated by experts and designed to dive deep. The Four Rights Bootcamp is our longest and most comprehensive training at 6 weeks, while our topic-specific Bootcamps cover a lot of ground in a shorter time. Live calls led by Bootcamp coaches set the goals for the week and kick off the brainstorming you’ll do with your own team in between meetings. Experts from both within and outside our industry will provide the framework to build your strategy. Past Bootcamp cohorts will tell you that the content shared in camp transformed their shelter, but the partnerships they formed with their peers are what has sustained it.

A collaboration of UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program at UF, Open Door Veterinary Collective, and Team Shelter USA.

Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge is creating transformative “communities of practice” that deliver access to care through humane, community-centric programming—inside and outside of the shelter—to achieve the right outcome for every pet. Our consultative mentoring services are holistic, deep and practical, and delivered by the proven team who brought you the Million Cat Challenge, in expanded partnership with Open Door Veterinary Collective. This program is made available at no cost to participants, #ThanksToMaddie